Announcing the 2016 Nakatani RIES Japanese Fellows

The Nakatani Foundation is excited to announce the 8 participants in the 2016 Nakatani RIES Fellowship for Japanese students.  These students represent seven different universities and colleges throughout Japan and a range of science & engineering disciplines. They will travel to Rice University this August to participate in a seven-week program designed to enable students to gain real world experience with science & engineering research, provide an introduction to U.S. higher education and provide opportunities for cultural engagement and collaboration with U.S. students. The program will serve as a catalyst for Japanese students interested in S&E study and research and engagement with the U.S. through international research collaborations.

We look forward to working with these students this summer. Congratulations to you all!

Nobuyoshi Hiramatsu
The University of Tokyo
Applied Physics



Takuya Kurihana

University of Tsukuba
Atmospheric Science



Hiromi Miwa

Keio University
Applied Chemistry



Soya Miyoshi

Tohoku University
Electrical, Information and Physics Engineering



Toshihiro Takada

Ristumeikan University
Environmental Systems Engineering



Tatsuya Tanaka

Waseda University
Mechanical Engineering



Yunong Wang

Toyota Technological Institute
Materials Science



Ayaka Yoshida

Waseda University
Modern Mechanical Engineering



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