Announcing the 2017 Nakatani RIES Japanese Fellows

The Nakatani Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of our 11 participants in the 2017 Nakatani RIES Fellowship for Japanese students.  Our Japanese Fellows were selected from a nationally competitive application pool with women representing 54.5% and men representing 45.5% of 2017 Japanese. These students represent a range of science & engineering fields of study and five different Japanese universities including: Hiroshima University (1), Nagoya University (2), Tohoku University (3), Tokyo Institute of Technology (1), and the University of Tokyo (4).

Our Japanese Fellows will travel to Rice University this August to participate in a six-week program that will provide students with real world experience in science & engineering research, provide an introduction to U.S. higher education and provide opportunities for cultural engagement and collaboration with U.S. students. The program will serve as a catalyst for Japanese students interested in S&E study and research and engagement with the U.S. through international research collaborations.

We look forward to working with these students this summer. Congratulations to you all!

Click on the student names below to learn more about the 2017 Nakatani RIES Japanese Fellows

Ayaka Hatano

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Junior

Etsuko Ishii

The University of Tokyo, Junior
Applied Mathematics


Seiya Ishizawa

Tohoku University, Junior
Agriculture, Chemical Biology

Tomo Kinoshita

Nagoya University, Junior

Miki Matsumoto

The University of Tokyo, Junior
Applied Biological Chemistry and Biotechnology

Shohei Nishimura

Tohoku University, Sophomore
Materials Science and Materials Processing, Sophomore
Research Host Lab: TBD

Jumpei Nomura

Hiroshima University, Junior
Vehicle and Environmental Systems

Ryota Sasaki

Tohoku University, Sophomore
Electrical, Information and Physics Engineering

Tomoyuki Sato

Nagoya University, Junior
Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace

Rio Tsukimura

The University of Tokyo, Sophomore
Chemical Engineering

Nina Yoshitake

The University of Tokyo, Junior
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology


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