Career Resources for S&E Students

This listing is provided as a resource for Nakatani RIES U.S. Fellowship Alumni and other students, faculty and staff who are interested in learning more about career opportunities in science & engineering (S&E). This resource list is provided as a courtesy to our alumni and other students and does not imply endorsement by the Nakatani Foundation and/or Rice University. If you know of other helpful resources that you would like added to this page please email

Career Exploration for S&E Students

Rice Center for Career Development: Student Guides 
When considering career options, one of your first stops should be to your home university career services office.  These offices provide a wide array of resources and supports to undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni.  Start attending seminars and workshops offered by your university career services office early in your academic career and investigate the resources available on their website.  For example, at Rice University the CCD offers  PDF guides, handouts and presentations on their resources page that are free and accessible to all students.

  • Resume Writing Guides
  • Interview Guides
  • Professional Communication
  • International Job Searches
  • LinkedIn
  • Presentations
    • Phone Interview Tips
    • Resume Writing
    • Interview Basics


Career Exploration for STEM PhDs (Columbia University)
As a graduate student you are among the most well-educated members of society. You have tremendous strengths and transferable skills to offer employers. There are many types of careers open to PhD students—we’ve included the more frequent options for students in the sciences here.

Some other articles on this topic include:

Fermilab: STEM Career Resources
You can research many science, technology, engineering and mathematics related careers through these sites. They include information on trends, education, salaries, nature of the work, tasks, knowledge and skills needed.

How to Successfully Work Across Countries, Languages, and Culture (HBR) 


Nature Career Articles & Toolkit

NOVA Labs: Career Exploration in STEM
Explore career options, find role models, and scope out colleges and majors that might lead you to the job of your dreams.

Science – Career Articles and Resources 

What Can I do with an Engineering Major in … (U of MN)
View PDF guides with information about career options for each major.

Applications & Interviews

How to Prepare for a Skype Interview 

The Job Market: Picking Apart Your Application 

Careers/Job-Hunting in Japan

Professional Organizations in S&E

Consult the Career and Job Board pages of these websites to find information specific to your chosen field.

Women in S&E

11 Career Resources for Women in STEM
If you’re a woman who works (or wants to work) in STEM, here are 11 education and career resources to help you build your skills, network with other STEM professionals and find new career-related opportunities.

40 Important Online Resources for Women in STEM 

NASA Women of STEM

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Women in Physics (APS Physics) 

White House Office of Science & Technology Policy: Women in STEM 


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