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Nakatani RIES Fellowship for Japanese Students – About Program

From 2016 – 2018, 31 Japanese undergraduates have participated in this program from 13 different universities in Japan. Among these participants, 17 or 44.4% have been women. For more information on and to apply to future years of the program, please visit the Nakatani Foundation website.

The 2016 – 2018 Nakatani RIES: Research & International Experiences for Students Fellowship connected undergraduates with the best of science & engineering research in the U.S. or Japan.  The program served as a catalyst for U.S. & Japanese students interested in future graduate study and research and contributes to the development of a generation of globally-engaged scientists & engineers who have the technical and culture skills to contribute to vibrant international research collaborations in the future. From 2016 – 2018, a total of 69 undergraduates, 31 from Japan and 38 from the U.S., participated in the program.

Japanese Fellows spent up to six weeks in the U.S. from August – September at Rice University. While abroad, Japanese fellows participate in an two-day Orientation to Research & Higher Education, a five-week, hands-on research internship in a science or engineering host laboratory at Rice University, with the capstone being the presentation of a research poster at a university symposium, and a one-week final week program on the East Coast. Program activities that took place in Japan include an optional two-day weekend trip with the U.S. Fellows in May, a required two-day weekend Pre-Departure Orientation in Kyoto in July, and a one-day closing workshop in Kobe.

Institution Name Participants Institution Name Participants
Doshisha University 1 Tohoku University  6
Hiroshima University 1 Tokyo Institute of Technology  2
Kyoto University 1 Toyota Technological Institute  1
Kyushu University 1 University of Tokyo, The  7
Nagoya University 3 University of Tsukuba  1
Osaka University 2 Waseda University  2
Ritsumeikan University 2

Japanese students are also encouraged to refer to our Other Programs and Funding page for information on relating programs, scholarships, and fellowships for international study.


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