Application Overview

Nakatani RIES Fellowship for Japanese Students
Application Overview

Please check back to our website in late Fall 2018 for more information on the 2019 program. You may also want to review the Other Related Programs page of our website for information on related programs and funding opportunities for international study or research.

Tentative Schedule for 2019 
Early December 2018 Online Application Opens
Early February 2019 Online Application Deadline
Early March 2019 In-Person Finalist Interviews in Tokyo
by mid-April 2019 Notification of Selected Participants

First: Register with the Nakatani Foundation (Required)

Interested applicants must first visit the Nakatani Foundation website and enter their name and other requested information in Japanese by completing the registration form.

Online applications are now closed. Please check back to our website in late Fall 2018 for more information on the 2019 program and for an updated link to register with the Nakatani Foundation.  

Next: Complete the Online Application Form (Required)

Online applications are now closed. Please check back to our website in late Fall 2018 for link to submit your application to the 2019 program. 

After registering on the Nakatani Foundation website, read all of the information below and click the button at the bottom of this page to begin the online application. Within the online application form you will be required to submit the following information, in English.

Prior to beginning the online application, students are strongly encouraged to review the following:

Step One: Personal and Background Information

  • Name and Contact Inforamtion
  • University & Major/Field of Study
  • Status at time of Application (B1, B2, or B3)
  • English Language Level/Experience
  • Information on any Prior Study Abroad/International Experience
  • Information on any Prior Research Experience

Step Two: Research Potential Host Laboratories  at Rice University:
You will be asked to list, in ranked order, three preferred host laboratories at Rice that you would be interested in working with.  To do this you should conduct your own research using the Rice University website.  For instructions on how to do this, see our Potential Research Hosts in the U.S. page for more information.

After creating a list of your top three preferred host labs, you will then enter these in ranked order within the online application.

Step Three: Essays
You will be asked to submit three short-essays, in English, as part of your online application.  We strongly recommend you compose your essays first in Microsoft Word or other word processing software and that you save a copy of your essays to your computer. It is also highly recommended that you ask a trusted advisor or mentor to proofread your essays prior to submission.

  1. Maximum Length for All Essays: 2,500 character limit, including spaces
  2. Why Nakatani RIES?
    • Please introduce yourself and tell us why you have decided to apply for this program.
  3. Why Research?
    • What are your specific research interests and what type of research are you most interested in doing while abroad? Why have you selected the three potential host labs listed above?
  4. Long-term Goals?
    • What are your long-term goals?  How will participating in the Nakatani RIES Fellowship further your long-term goals?

Once you have finished all edits/revisions to your essays in your Word document,  copy and paste  your saved essays from your Word document into the online form. Remember, there is a 2,500 character limit, including spaces, for each essay. Sometimes there are differences in how Microsoft Word counts characters and how the online form counts characters. Carefully review your essays in the online form to make sure they are not cut off and make any final, necessary edits to meet the 2,500 character limit in the text boxes.

Step Four: Supporting Documents
At the end of the online application,  you will be asked to upload the following documents in your online application.

  • CV or Resume in English* (Required)
  • Copy of University Transcript in English** (Required)
  • Scanned Copy of the Photograph Page of your Passport (Optional/if available)
  • English Language Test Scores (Optional/if applicable)

* If you do not have a resume, or are unsure of how to format a resume, consult the Freshman Resume Guide on the Rice Center for Career Developments website under the ‘Professional Communication’ section.

** Please contact your university’s Registrar’s Office to request this document as soon as possible as it may take 1 – 4 weeks for them to process your request. You may opt to either upload a scanned copy of your transcript with your online application (preferred) or you can send your transcript in via email after the application deadline to 

Learn More about the Nakatani RIES Student Experience 
To date, 31 Japanese undergraduates have participated in this program from 13 different universities in Japan. Among these participants, 17 or 44.4% have been women.

Institution Name Participants Institution Name Participants
Doshisha University 1 Tohoku University  6
Hiroshima University 1 Tokyo Institute of Technology  2
Kyoto University 1 Toyota Technological Institute  1
Kyushu University 1 University of Tokyo, The  7
Nagoya University 3 University of Tsukuba  1
Osaka University 2 Waseda University  2
Ritsumeikan University 2

Prior to application, interested students are strongly encouraged to review the students profiles of other Japanese students who have previously conducted research at Rice University. Click on the student’s name to read more about their experience at Rice and you can also download copies of the student’s final research posters if these have been approved for public distribution.

Facebook Page

Students interested in the Nakatani RIES Fellowship for Japanese students are also encouraged to like our Facebook page to receive program announcements and information on other, related programs you may be interested in applying to.

For questions about applying to the program email

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