2016 Japanese Fellows

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2016 Hiramatsu, NobuyoshiNobuyoshi Hiramatsu
The University of Tokyo
Applied Physics
Research Host Lab: Kono Lab, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Rice University
Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24Research Project Poster: “Temperature dependent absorption spectrum of exfoliated InSe”

“I need various research experiences to contemplate for my future career. Acquiring a firsthand research experiences in different institution broadens my scientific perspective and insight. I believe these enhanced are specifically valuable and helpful when to determine a laboratory to pursue my Ph.D. in a graduate school and when to consider the research topic.”

kurihanaTakuya Kurihana
University of Tsukuba
Atmospheric Science
Research Host Lab: Heinkenschloss Lab, Computational & Applied Mathematics, Rice University
Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24Research Project Poster: “Applying Data Assimilation to Parabolic PDES”

“As an alumnus, I would like to offer this reminder: By citing the famous words by Dr. Clark, “be ambitious”. In order to render this program more fruitful for you, I greatly recommend that you decide firmly what you want to do and experience throughout this program and pursue that with strong motivation. These goals may not be restricted to only research topics. English skill is nice, making many friends sounds great, and enjoying plenty of American culture is awesome. At first glance, 7 weeks may be long. Actually, the time passed as fast as a jet plane. Therefore, set your goals very concretely and dedicate your time for your goal.”

Hiromi Miwa
Keio University
Applied Chemistry
Research Host Lab: Bao Lab, Bioengineering, Rice University
Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24Research Project Poster: “Identifying and validating CRISPR/Cas9 off-target activity”

“Because I meet many different people, I was able to get many different perspectives during this program. This program provided a chance to meet people from many different communities. If we belong to the laboratory, our relationships are limited, so our perspectives tend to be narrow. However, in this program, I could talk with so many people. Depending on the community, viewpoints can be totally different.”

Soya Miyoshi
Tohoku University
Electrical, Information and Physics Engineering
Research Host Lab: Zhong Lab, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Rice University
Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24Research Project Poster: “Complexity Analysis of Massive Wireless Imaging”

“When I was packing my luggage the last night in Houston, I found a lot of items that I got while I was here. All of these reminded me of the people who I talked to and the places I went. I looked through the notes I took in the lab. The scribbles all over the pages caused me to remember that I was trying my best. “I may not have made an impressive discovery in my research,” I said to myself. “but I learned a lot.”

Toshihiro Takada
Ristumeikan University
Environmental Systems Engineering
Research Host Lab: Ajayan Lab, Materials Science & Nanoengineering, Rice University
Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24Research Project Poster: “Synthesis and Characterization of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Multifunctional Applications”

“In this program, I was able to gain many different perspectives, thinking, and knowledge from the other seven Nakatani Japanese fellows as well as formed good relationships with them. Those who want to participate in the program should have similar goals with each other in regard to science, and the friendships will last a long time. I would recommend that students who wish to participate try to make strong connection with other participants. This program gave me a great opportunity to experience research and aroused in me an enthusiasm for studying and doing research abroad. Though I may change my mind for my future career goals, this program at least made them clearer than before.”

Tatsuya Tanaka
Waseda University
Mechanical Engineering
Research Host Lab: Tezduyar Lab, Mechanical Engineering, Rice University
Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24Research Project Poster: “Fluid and Structural Mechanics Analysis of the Orion Spacecraft Drogue Parachute in Compressible-Flow Regime”

“This program varied my view of career paths. Before participating in it, I had some worries about going on to U.S society in future though I had the desire to pursue my own unique path overseas. In Japan, people usually go on their path as if they walk in the same railway. I always feel something wrong with this situation however, I could not decide to walk different railway because it is a little bit challenging to follow different way which most of Japanese student go on. However, through practical experiences in the U.S during this summer, my mind was clear and I would like to concentrate on studying more than ever before. If somebody is interested in the Nakatani RIES Fellowship, I want to say “Be full of fighting spirit and taking a positive part in any activity”. This program will give you great opportunities however, it’s all up to you whether make or break this chance.”

Yunong Wang
Toyota Technological Institute
Materials Science
Research Host Lab: Li Lab, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Rice UniversityAdobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24Research Project Poster: “Capacitive Deionization Using Activated Carbon Super Capacitor for Water Desalination”

“We only have four years studying at our university. You can choose to spend your time like everyone else, but you also have the ability to make it special. I took 3 years to find out what I really what to do in the future. I believe this internship was a turning point of my school life…  Thanks to Nakatani program I could find my way again. Now I know, I don’t necessarily to work for the United Nation. I can be a partner of the UN as a scientist. The most important thing I realized during this summer is the field which I’m studying right now is straightly related to energy and environmental problems. Carbon materials or other new materials can be a solution for those problems.”

Ayaka Yoshida
Waseda University
Modern Mechanical Engineering
Research Host Lab: Tezduyar Lab, Mechanical Engineering, Rice University
Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24Research Project Poster: “Isogeometric Discretization of Branched Artery Models for FSI Computations”

“For future participant in the Nakatani RIES Fellowship for Japanese students, I would say, don’t just stay in Japan, see and explore more of the world. There are more fancy things all around the world. And maybe there are other places that are a better fit you. You will get to know more and have more choices and options.”

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