Program Funding

Nakatani RIES Fellowship for Japanese Students – Program Funding

Program Funding: Through the support of the Nakatani Foundation, program funding is provided for most student costs including:

  • Application Fee & Registration for Rice University Visiting Undergraduate Researchers (3 credits, ELEC 490)
  • Health insurance for duration of time in U.S. that meets minimum federal requirements for J-1 visa holders to include accident/illness, medical evacuation, and repatriation coverage
  • Domestic Travel in Japan to/from Tokyo
  • International Airfare to/from the U.S. departing from Tokyo
  • Domestic Travel in the U.S. for one-week campus visits
  • Introduction to Research, Higher Education & Society in the U.S. Seminar at Rice University
  • English language course stipend (information on local English class options will be made available to participants)
  • Lodging in the U.S.
  • A partial Meal/Living Cost stipend to be used for duration of time abroad

These costs will either be paid for directly by the program or issued directly to the students in the U.S. in dollars. Students may be required to show receipts/proof of purchase for costs incurred while abroad.

Student Costs: Students will also need to budget for the following costs which are not provided by the program:

  • Passport Application/Renewal Fees (if applicable)
  • Visa Application & SEVIS Fees
  • Books for language classes (if applicable)
  • Immunizations* 
  • U.S. Pre-Paid Cell Phone Purchase & Phone Minutes**
  • Required meal/living cost that exceeds the stipend provided***
  • Travel & Sight-seeing Costs
  • Personal spending & shopping

* Immunizations: If you are 21 years old or younger, you will be required to show proof of Meningococcal Vaccination prior to arrival at Rice University per Texas State Law. If you are 22 or older, you are not required to have this vaccination.

** U.S. Cell Phone: All students will be required to purchase a pre-paid U.S. cell phone (~$25 – $30) to ensure you have a local number/phone to use so your research host lab can contact you and to use in case of emergency. Students will also need to purchase phone minutes to add to their phone to make outgoing or accept incoming calls. If you plan to bring your Japanese phone/smartphone with you to the U.S., please make sure you only use it when you have access to wi-fi to avoid large roaming charges.  Speak with your Japanese cell phone provider to learn what the cost would be to use your Japanese cell phone in the U.S.

*** Meal/Living Costs Stipends:  The meal/living costs stipend will partially cover the cost of meals and other required/necessary costs not paid for by the program directly.  Exact costs will vary and are highly dependent personal spending/eating habits. Students will have access to a kitchen during the internship and should anticipate cooking some meals on their own to stretch their meal/living costs stipend.

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